Steps for a system exploration process

  1. Challenge
  2. Main question


    Boundary - Scope of our work

    Elements of a system

    Elements of a environment

  3. Vision
    • Define the overall outcome of the system in mind
  4. Explore the Nodes
    • What are the main elements of the system
  5. Examining the links
    • Which elements can be linked together
  6. Driving Forces + Systems dynamics
    • What direction are these elements linked together
    • What elements are interrelated?

      What elements are interdependent?

    • What type of feedback loop?
    • Reinforcing loops

      Balancing loops

  7. Mapping + Putting everything together
    • Make a complex system map
      • Identify the underlying structure
      • Discovering the main driving forces
    • Bring every element together
    • Connecting all the feedback loop
    • Creating a big visual diagram