The action or process of preparing something, or preparing for something.


Procedure prepping

  • Getting stages of a procedure ready so that it can be done and followed in a timely manner (cooking).

Information prepping

  • Gathering information and organising it in a way that can easily be followed and retrieved for later use.

Mental body prepping

  • By calming down, through activities such as meditation and visualisation, one can prepare the mind for physical activities.

Physical body prepping

  • Exercising and stretching allows various muscles and tendons across the body to stretch and contract, as well as heat up and cool down, making it less likely for muscle cramping to occur during normal daily activities.
  • Movement allows for joints to remain mobile and reduces the likelihood of joint stiffness and pain.

Bug in prepping

  • There are many reasons why a person may need to stay in their homes, from weather, the change in season, to disasters and hurricanes. By organising your home in a way that allows you to remain inside for weeks without venturing out can save lives in the most drastic of scenarios.

Bug out prepping

  • If there is risk of danger by staying at your home, then the only option then would be to move to another location. In this scenario, a bag prepared with all essentials, called a ‘Bug-out-bag’ will be needed to be prepared in advance due to the limited time a person has to leave during an emergency. A planned location ‘Bug-out-location’ will need to be found in advance so that in a state of emergency, a person can find a place to settle afterword's and sleep.